Who is my contact person? 

 SCR has an entire team of talented people and depending on your occasion you will have a first contact and second contact.  While in the planning stages most questions can be answered by SCR staff and assistants we want you to feel extremely comfortable to call or email us with any questions or concerns.

How will the event be run and how many staffers will be on hand?

TBD.  Your event is unique and special, so we have many options for staffing.  For example: full-service, buffet style, stations, ala carte or a combination of some or all and much more.  Our staffers are professionals and as such we always have at least 2 servers per 10-12 people (but we always have extra on hand just to be sure you and your guest are completely happy and satisfied).

What other services does SCR offer? 

We offer the entire package!  We offer event planning, decorating, bar services, special menu planning, packaged/bag lunch events, team building exercises, group nutrition classes, cooking lessons, and a whole lot more!

Is SCR licensed and/or insured? 

Yes, we are both licensed and insured.  Our staff is well-trained in culinary policies and procedures.  As certified professionals, we stay on top of trends and changes both within the industry and locally to ensure our clients can rest with ease knowing that their event will run smoothly.

Where does SCR get its ingredients?

In an effort to provide our clients with the best and freshest ingredients we try to shop locally in the area and buy in-season whenever possible.  However, should you have a specific request or special dietary request and concerns we will do our best to accommodate you.  We want you and your guests to feel safe from start to finish.

What equipment does SCR have vs what equipment needs to be rented? 

SCR is a full-service catering and chef services business and as such we have all the equipment required to host your event no matter how small or large. Should rental equipment be required we will take care of making sure it is available and pass on any savings to you.

Will I see a broken-down cost or estimate of cost prior to the event? 

Yes.  In your proposal is an estimated cost of the event and from there we work out any additional requests and concerns.  We will to the best of your ability answer any questions you may have and anticipate costs ahead as permitted.  Because we are a “freshest food” organization we base our costs on goods at the time the contract is written.   Contracts written “out-of-season” include information that the price is based on current prices and may be subject to change.   SCR does its best to provide our clients with the best and most accurate pricing available and will not make changes unless discussed with the client prior to those recommended changes.

We will provide a “per-person” charge for your convenience whenever possible which will not include taxes or gratuity but may include a “service charge.”  Service charges can include set-up, break-down, additional staff, decorations, venue costs, special equipment, etc.

What is SCR’s leftover policy?

While it is notrecommended that leftovers be taken away from the event SCR upon request by the client will package and allow food to leave the building with the client onlyand with written consent that the client assumes all responsibility once the food has left the event/building.

(NOTE:  The concern is that foods taken out of controlled climates and temperatures may become tainted as certain bacteria can begin to grow and form on fresh and/or cooked foods over a specified period of time.  SCR cannot and will not assume responsibility for food once the food leaves the event/building.)

If my event runs over the allotted time is there an additional charge?  

Potentially. If the event takes place off-site, meaning SCR has had to sign a contract for rental and use of space, we have done so for a specified period of time which you, the client, would have had an opportunity to request additional time.  We do our best to estimate and include social networking time but as all good things must come to an end we must begin to breakdown and clean-up in preparation for the next journey.  Your satisfaction and comfort are at the forefront of our concerns and we will always ask if you would like more time and do our best to arrange more even if on-the-spot.

What food choices would you recommend for my event?         

Great question.  The possibilities are endless!  You, the client, will sit down with one of our qualified staff members to discuss your event.  We will listen to the types of food you enjoy and later create a list of suggested items for you to consider.  The recommendations will be based upon our consultation, the venue, and availability of ingredients at the time of your event (what’s in season).  You will play themajor role in menu selection.  Remember, your satisfaction and happiness is our number one goal.

Do you specialize in certain cuisines?   

SCR has professionally trained chefs in most cuisines such as French, Italian, German and other international cuisines.   We are also trained in technique such as braising, sautéing, poaching and many other styles.  In addition, we can accommodate Kosher, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Paleo, Ketosis and many other cuisines so feel free to ask for any cuisine with us!

Do we have to work off a preset menu or can you create a custom menu for our event?        

SCR customizes each menu to suit our clients.  Your satisfaction is our number one goal.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions, such as kosher, vegan, etc.?    

Yes, SCR can accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies and will always do our absolute best.  SCR request that food allergies, restrictions and sensitivities be made known in writing prior to the event and at the time of registration and/or signing of the contract.

Do you offer package upgrades such as chocolate fountains, ice sculptures, cappuccino machines or specialty displays?  


Do you do themed menus?  

Absolutely.  Themed menus are a specialty for us.

What’s the difference in cost between passed appetizers and appetizer stations?    

Passed appetizers may fall under the “full-service” option meaning our servers will walk around with trays of appetizers allowing you and your guest to mingle and enjoy conversations without interruption. In addition, you and your guest will avoid lines or having to sit and wait. Appetizer stations are set locations where you and your guest have the freedom to come and go retrieving premade and preset appetizers (cold or hot).  The price difference is determined by the number of guests, staff requirements, types of stations (premium foods vs standard dishes) and number of stations.  

What’s the price difference between a buffet and a sit-down meal?   

Prices are client and event specific and a number of factors come into play when developing prices.  Things to consider are styles of service: Cafeteria Buffet, Plated Buffet, Line Buffet?  For sit-down consider:  Plated Service, Hand-Service, etc.

If we use an outside cake designer, do you charge a cake-cutting fee?           

No, however this is an option that would be contract specific.  Outside factors must be considered, here’s why: liability.  SCR must verify to the best of its ability that all HACCP requirements have been met. 

What is the last date by which I can give you a final guaranteed guest count?      

For most events, 2 weeks prior to the event is the final headcount.  Should it be less than 1 week SCR will do its best to be accommodating but may require an additional “setting fee.”  For larger events, more than 100, the final count is due 30 days prior to the event.

What is your payment policy? Do you accept credit cards?    

Yes, we accept all major credit cards.  At the time of signing the contract a 10% non-refundable deposit is due on small events (less than 50).  This 10% goes towards the total cost of the event.  For larger events (more than 50) a 25% non-refundable fee is due. The remaining balance may be made in 2 equal installments with the first due 3 weeks prior to the event and the final payment due no later than 2 weeks prior to the event.  (See contract for specific details pertaining to your event as your contract supersedes the policy stated here.)

Are there any fees that won’t be included in the proposal that we should be aware of?  

Unless additional services, foods or other requests are made after the contract has been signed, your contract contains the total price of the event.

Once we book how quickly can we expect a contract?                                                                               

The client can expect a contract within 48-72 hours for smaller events (less than 75) after a booking consultation has been completed and 2-4 weeks for larger events (more than 100) and the contract is valid for 30 days after signing.

What is your refund or cancellation policy?

Refund and cancellation policies are contract specific but general information may be viewed at the following pages for Policies and Procedures as well as Refund and Cancellation Policy. Clients may also call 860-830-1169 and request a copy.