Going Green

Coming up with spring dishes is always a treat for me. Here is my Vegetable Salad with avocado, haricot vert, roasted tomatoes, peas, and sautéed celery. Add a few sprinkles of fresh kiwi and micro greens!  Sounds good?  Give it a try.  I took all the green vegetables I had on hand, sautéed a few onions, roasted a few tomatoes and kablam!  Instant energy food without the guilt.  It’s everything your body craves.

Ingredients:  onions, haricot vert, peas, avocado, celery, cherry tomatoes, kiwi, fresh spinach, arugula your favorite dressing and micro greens for garnish (Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper are optional.)

There aren’t any real measurements for this salad (although I can provide you with some if you really want it but I think you’ll be fine without it; just remember to have fun with it) it’s really what you like and how you’re adventurous you’re feeling that day.  I always add enough to share but if you want, take out just enough of the ingredients for one person.  Place halved cherry tomatoes into a 350ºF degree oven and roast.  Remove and allow to cool.  Blanch and shock the small cut green beans (haricot vert) and set them aside; drizzle a little olive oil into a pan and add the medium-diced onions, cook for about 1 minute, then add the bite-sized celery.  Cook for another 2 minutes and add the green beans.  Add kosher salt and fresh ground pepper as needed.  Stir.  Remove from the burner.  Dice the kiwi and set aside.

Now its time to assemble the salad.  Toss a serving of fresh spinach and arugula with a small amount of your salad dressing and place onto a serving plate.  Spoon the vegetables over the top.  Spoon a few tomatoes on top and add sliced avocado.  Sprinkle with diced kiwi and garnish with micro greens.  Serve as is or with a slice of lime.  Yum!

Lisa Lucibello