Fall Foods

Fall is here and I for one am so excited to see it!  I love fall!  I feel almost as though it has crept upon us as quietly as the tiny caterpillar I saw squirming up the stem of my basil plant today.  Don’t worry, I didn’t eat him…I sent him on his way (with the stem he was so attached to and enjoying).   One of the reasons I enjoy the fall so much is the great outdoors and how my garden changes.  My heirloom tomatoes are still thriving and looking even more beautiful than the day before, my red-veined sorrel which showed up early this spring and is still growing strong.   I enjoy cooking with hearty vegetables like cabbages, parsnips and rutabagas.  Have you ever tried rutabaga French fries with chipotle or red pepper dip?  Yummy to my tummy!  The sweet to my soul in can be found in the magical fruits like apples, pears, peaches and plums all beautifully colored and plump and juicy.  Pies and cobblers here I come.   It’s also a season of roasting and stewing and braising meats until they fall off the bone or melt in your mouth.  To wake up to hot cider and cozy up with a blanket.  So as the world turns and changes in a direction to give us longer nights (more time for smooching….lol) I gear up for extra time in my kitchen preparing delightful, colorful treats the earth has provided for me and only in this special season of oranges, purple, reds and whites!

Lisa Lucibello